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Dermoceutical Lines & Distributor Inc – Products and Training

Know your skin to take better care of it
Treat your skin with care

Products and Services

Our products, accompanied by excellent training, complement optimal results.

Face masks

Moisturizing, anti-aging and lightening masks, with excellent thinness, flexibility and vegetable texture.

Facial Serums

Serums for facial hydration, eye contour and cellular nutrition, the best hyaluronic acid for your face.

Aesthetic training

Seminars and diploma courses on advanced aesthetics, accompanied by their corresponding equipment.


Conferences specialized in facial treatments, skin cycles and equipment for facial aesthetics

We put in your hands, a series of selected cosmetic products for professional use


Knowledge and procedures of the hand in their training of aesthetics.
Advanced aesthetics courses for professionals

Within our main objectives is to provide excellent training to all professionals in the aesthetic profession, exposing benefits, procedures and evolution of treatments in the skin. In addition to showing in each training the specific and relative indications of each procedure mediated by its corresponding apparatus.

Dr. Miguel Arguelles Alamo Medical specialist in internal medicine Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University de Oriente Cuba. Certificate in skin diseases International speaker.


Each of your testimonies makes us better every day in our work, Thank you.


Publications and announcements of topics of interest to the aesthetic guild.